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S.W. Betz Company Inc. is a material handling and weighing company that distributes products from some of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, our warehouse offers a variety of hand trucks, wheels, dock boards, dock plates, and a wide-range of other warehouse equipment. Since being founded in 1933, our family-owned business has been supplying products and equipment with every customer’s individual needs in mind. Our tailored solutions are focused on improving efficiency, productivity, and overall workplace safety.


There are three ways to add more space to your company’s industrial setting. You can either purchase a new facility, you can add on to an existing facility, or you can build a mezzanine. The path that is the most cost-efficient and takes the least amount of time is, by far, building a mezzanine. Not only does a mezzanine allow you more space in your facility, but it also helps you save money by being able to get more use out of the facility you are currently in.

Mezzanines come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and have a number of different accessories that can be valuable to a customer, including staircases, handrails, gates, ladders, bracing, and flooring.

Most mezzanines are custom-built, which helps the customer get the product that will best suit their needs. It is best to consult a professional as you are considering the mezzanine that you need. As a company, S. W. Betz has many years of dealing with mezzanine applications and will make sure that the project is taken care of from beginning to end. In addition to consulting with you about your mezzanine and being able to acquire the materials necessary for a project, the S. W. Betz Company also installs steel mezzanines.

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Have you considered mezzanines for your business? The S.W. Betz Company, Inc. has been providing businesses in Maryland and beyond with all of their essential Weighing, Material Handling, Dock, and Warehouse equipment since 1933. We also offer warehouse layout and design logistics solutions from experienced, knowledgeable experts.

We carry a variety of top warehouse equipment brands to help with your design logistics, such as: Wesco, Magliner, Cogan, Quantum Storage Systems, and more.

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