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Mighty Line Floor Tape
Use Mighty Line floor tape to streamline your processes, protect your workers and equipment, and increase your warehouse efficiency.

We have discussed in a previous blog how the 5S strategy of lean warehousing design can streamline processes and encourage efficiency. The goal of the 5S strategy is to make any and all problems clear so they can be handled quickly and appropriately. Proper racking systems and other handling products are crucial for a warehouse designed with the 5S strategy in mind. Another key component that you might not even think about is floor tape. Here at S.W. Betz, we offer Mighty Line floor tape to help you yield measurable results. How can you implement this floor tape to make your facility better?

What Does Floor Tape Do?

Floor tape serves a very important role in warehouse design – that is, it delivers information to your workforce instantly. It marks and designates specific areas of your floor for important reasons. Some managers use floor tape to designate where trash receptacles should always be located. Others use floor tape to mark off safety hazards for either workers, equipment such as forklifts, or both. Others still use it to direct work flow lines in an intentional direction for maximum efficiency. Smart warehouse managers use floor tape for all of these reasons and more as an integral part of an overall lean warehousing strategy.

Why Use Mighty Line Floor Tape?

The folks at Mighty Line understand that you have very specific goals in mind when you decide to use floor tape in your facility. They also understand that floor tape needs to be durable in order to withstand the rigors of constant heavy traffic that warehouse floors take on a daily basis.
Mighty Line floor tape features:

  • A wide variety of different colors and patterns to help you color-coordinate your flow patterns
  • A peel and stick adhesive which peels off cleanly once removed
  • Beveled edges that make the tape better able to withstand forklift traffic
  • Seven times thicker than the average warehouse floor tape

For more information on Mighty Line floor tape and how it can help your facility thrive, contact the experts here at S.W. Betz!

Mark Your Warehouse with Mighty Line Floor Tape from S.W. Betz!

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