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gravity flow pallet rack
Gravity flow pallet rack is a great high capacity option for many warehouses.

When you need a high capacity pallet rack system with the efficiency of a “flow” feature, gravity flow pallet rack might tick off every box on your checklist. Designed to deliver inventory to a point of pick up using rollers and the force of gravity, gravity flow pallet rack can help keep your warehouse moving and organized.


Gravity flow pallet rack is a “first in, first out” (FIFO) system. This means that the inventory loaded from one side of the rack will be the first to be removed on the other side. As it is loaded, the pitch of the track carries inventory down the rollers to the point of pick up. Inventory is then loaded and fills in behind the first piece until the rack is full. Most pallet flow rack systems are high density and can hold anywhere from two to 25 pallets in a single lane.


Since this type of rack uses gravity to continually deliver inventory to the point of pick up, a lower amount of deeper aisles can be used. This saves space in a warehouse you can use for other applications and ensures there is always inventory available for order fulfillment.  

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