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new pallet rack
No matter if you go new or used, you’ll need pallet rack in your warehouse.

Warehouses require storage solutions, and no solution is more popular than pallet rack. Pallet rack optimizes space and can store all kinds of products and materials. If you’ve recently expanded your warehouse space or are looking for a better storage solution pallet rack should be your first choice, but after that you have to decide on buying new versus used. Here are a few pros and cons to both new and used pallet rack.


With new pallet rack you will be able to buy a system that fits your specifications whenever you need it. With used pallet rack you’ll have to wait until the right system goes up for sale, and even then you have to worry about someone purchasing it before you have the opportunity. If you have time, you may be able to wait until used pallet rack goes up for sale. If not, you can purchase new as soon as you need it.


Since used pallet rack has moved around over it’s lifetime, it’s not possible to guarantee the load capacity. New pallet rack comes with a load capacity indicated by the manufacturer and the distributor. Used pallet rack’s load capacity cannot be guaranteed because it has changed hands, and the original capacity may be unknown. If you know you’ll be storing heavy materials, new pallet rack will give you peace of mind. But, if you know your products would never get close to the estimated load capacity, used pallet rack may be for you.


Here is where used pallet rack will stand out, but you’ll get what you pay for. The cost of used pallet rack will reflect the wear, chipped paint, dents and dings you might find. Think of it as buying a new car, you save on the price but have to deal with the mileage.

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