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Standard guard rails are great for protecting permanent structures, but lift-out guard rails have their advantages, too.

Standard guard rails and lift-out guardrails each has their own advantages, but one will fit your needs better than the other. The best part is, you don’t have to choose just one for your warehouse. You can use standard in some areas and lift-out guard rails only where you need it. Here are the advantages of both standard guard rails and lift-out guard rails, and where they are best suited in your warehouse.

Standard Guardrail

A standard guardrail is a great tool for keep your people and infrastructure safe from collision damage. Forklift accidents happen all too often despite a warehouse manager’s best efforts to educate and protect operators. Guardrails ensure that when an accident occurs it won’t be your equipment, employees, or infrastructure taking the damage.

Lift-Out Guardrail

The biggest advantage of lift-out guard rails is the ability to remove them when needed. Maybe you have a section of your warehouse where heavy equipment is being used, but is not a permanent part of your warehouse. You want to protect the equipment and the people working with it during normal, day to day operations, but eventually you’ll need to relocate or remove the equipment. This is perfect situation for lift-out guardrail. When the equipment is in place and operating, place the guardrail in place to protect it for as long as you need. Then, just lift it out and remove the equipment when the time comes.   

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