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Off Balance: The Importance of Scale Service

As any warehouse owner knows, having a functioning and accurate scale is an essential part of any successful business in which weighing is involved. Scales have to be able to measure the weights of a wide range of items down to the smallest fraction, and they have to be able to do this without fail on a day-to-day basis. But do you really know how reliable your scale is? Trusting in a newly-calibrated scale’s reading is one thing, but relying on the measurements of a scale that has gone months and months without being serviced is another. Read on to find out more about the important of scale services and why you should make them a part of your regular warehouse routine.

scales-serviceWhy Should My Scales Be Serviced?

 Scale service is an absolute must for anybody that uses a scale in their business on a frequent basis. A scale that does not report accurate readings is a scale that can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run; you will be sure to pay for neglecting your scales. Many things could happen to change the calibration of your scale and render it inaccurate, such as:

Your scale was hit by a piece of equipment. In a busy warehouse setting, your scales could easily be nudged or hit by other equipment, changing the accuracy of their readings to an unacceptable degree.

Your scale could have been run over. Left unattended on a warehouse floor, a scale could be at risk of being run over by a lift truck or similarly heavy piece of equipment, which could end up compromising its readings.

Your scale could have material lodged underneath of it. If a scrap or spare piece of material from elsewhere in your warehouse becomes lodged underneath of your scale, you will need scale calibration to rectify this situation.

 By ordering scale services for your business, you ensure that you continue to have accurate, top-quality results from your scales that give your clients what they need and can help save you money in the process. Since it is sometimes difficult to tell whether your scales are weighing correctly, performing regular scale service is key as it will give you confidence to know that your scales are weighing properly.

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