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Organization is a major trait that defines efficient warehouse designs.

While a warehouse design can vary greatly depending on processes and some personal preferences, there are a few best practices which are universal. FAST principles aim to accelerate the flow of products and make the warehouse as productive as possible. One core concern for warehouses of all types is organization. Making sure your facility stays organized will allow your team to stay efficient and stay safe on the job. And, when it comes to warehouse design, there are certain things you can do to promote organization. Here are a few design tips that do just that.

Wide, Clean Aisles

Giving workers and forklifts enough space to navigate your aisles will allow them to access products more easily. Make sure your aisles are wide enough to accommodate their needs. Additionally, even aisles that are wide enough will be difficult to move through if they are cluttered with stray products or equipment, so ensure that you keep them tidy. It’s a major way to promote safety in your facility and will help keep your processes running smoothly.

Clear Labeling Process

Time is money, so you don’t want your employees to be manually examining the contents of boxes to find what they are looking for. Create a clear labeling process that allows your workers to see exactly what is in a box and increase overall productivity.

Store Similar Items Together

Have a broader classification system for your products and store similar items in the same or a nearby location. This makes your warehouse easier to navigate and ensures that your picking processes go much more smoothly.

Go Vertical

How you make use of your vertical space is just as important as how you design your horizontal space, if not more so. Pallet racks and mezzanines allow you to get more storage room out of your space, so make sure you give some attention to these aspects of your warehouse design.

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