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Outfit Your Baltimore Business with New Scales

As any piece of equipment ages, you run the risk of it losing its high-quality functionality. If the wear and tear doesn’t do it, then perhaps an accident will, or it could simply be that your current equipment has become outdated by newer technologies. You cannot afford for essential warehouse equipment to start breaking down, particularly when it comes to your scales. Scales are a vital part of your Baltimore business’s day-to-day routine, and new scales could be the key to keeping things running as they should. Read on to find out more!

new-scales-baltimoreWhat Kinds of Scales Does Your Baltimore Business Need?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may require different types of scales. Scales are designed with specific uses in mind, which means that it is essential that you choose the correct scale for your business and your specific application, such as…

floor scales. Floor scales are ideal for large objects, such as pallets, and are perfectly suited to the warehouse environment. Purchasing new floor scales can ensure that even your bulkiest items get weighed and measured accurately. Floor scales can be outfitted with ramps to allow items to be rolled onto the scale, or a pit can be cut into your facility’s floor, which allows the scale to be placed directly into the floor. This negates the need for a ramp and helps keep your employees safe by reducing their risk of injury.

crane scales. A high-capacity crane scale can do the job other scales can’t. Unique and adaptable, a new crane scale could be a useful addition to your existing operations.

platform scales. Platform scales are one of the ultimate multipurpose scales, and as such they see a lot of use in their lifetime. When it comes time to replacing your current platform scale with a new one, trust the experts from S.W. Betz to find you a durable model from a reputable manufacturer.

vocation-specific scales. For physicians, jewelers, people in food services, and more, the right scale is an absolute essential. These scales need to be precisely calibrated; have your new scales calibrated from the start by S.W. Betz.

In need of new scales for your Baltimore business? Purchase them from S.W. Betz today!  

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