Pallet Rack & Accessories for Maryland Businesses

No matter what the materials handling needs of your company are, one piece of equipment that you are bound to need is pallet rack. Pallet rack provides businesses with the means to organize their warehouses, and with the addition of certain pallet rack accessories, this can be done in an extremely safe and efficient manner. So what pallet rack accessories should you look into once you have had your new pallet rack installed by S.W. Betz? Read on to find out!

Installing and Outfitting Pallet Rack in Marylandpallet-rack-accessories

Whether you opt for new or used pallet rack, you will be guaranteed rack of high quality and performance when you purchase through S.W. Betz. To “complete” your pallet rack, you will need accessories made to enhance and extend its functions, including…
1.) Wire mesh decks: To support the heavy pallets and other items stored on your racking, wire mesh decks are one of the best options available. Built to accomodate the size and shape of your pallet rack, wire mesh decks are a must-have materials handling accessory.
2.) Rack protection: Rack protection is used to keep your pallet rack safe and to reinforce it against damage in a busy warehouse environment. Column guards and aisle guards are common types of rack protection that you can purchase.
3.) Aisle tape: To keep paths clear and to prevent heavy equipment from knocking into your pallet rack and damaging it, use aisle tape to create clear-cut pathways for your warehouse workers.
4.) Safety netting. To further secure the items that are stored on your pallet rack, purchasing safety netting can be a good choice. This safety netting can prevent items from falling and becoming damaged or worse, injuring a worker.
5.) Safety caging. Similar to safety netting, safety caging can also secure your pallet rack and the items on it against damage.
To purchase pallet rack and the necessary accessories along with it, get in touch with S.W. Betz today!

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