Pallet Rack Accessories to Optimize Your System


pallet rack accessories
Pallet racks can be improved by a variety of pallet rack accessories.

When you invest in a pallet racking system, you may want to consider the power of accessories to enhance your storage experience. Optimize your pallet rack potential with the use of the right accessories, several of which we will be going over today. Ready to take a look? Let’s get started.

Pallet rack accessories will work to keep your personnel safe.

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous. Between the buzz of activity and the heavy machinery, there are a great many hazards that your personnel face every day. Anything that you can do to help them remain safe while they are at work should be thoroughly considered. So, when you’re looking at having new pallet racks installed, you may want to add safety netting. Safety netting will keep the items on the shelving from falling and injuring your employees, making it a worthy investment. You should also consider utilizing aisle tape to help keep paths clear when your workers are moving heavy items. The tape will also help to keep things from knocking into your pallet racking and compromising their integrity.

Wire mesh decks are wonderful pallet rack accessories.

If you’re looking to expand upon the use of your pallet racks, then wire mesh decks are going to help. They can expand the surface area of your racks, while helping the items placed on them remain in their place without unnecessary danger of falling. Not only that, but due to their see-through design, you will be able to spot check your items and make sure that your racks aren’t overburdened.
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