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Push Back Racking System
Maximize your storage density by implementing a push back racking system in your facility.

As the manager of a warehouse facility, one of your chief concerns is your storage space and how to best utilize it. While your needs will vary depending on the products that need storage, what is generally true of all situations is the importance of making the most out of your space. You only have a finite amount of space to work with, so it is important to have a storage solution that maximizes this finite space – after all, it doesn’t make much financial sense to simply expand the facility once space has run out. Of all the pallet rack systems available, one of the best ways to maximize storage density is by implementing a push back racking system.

How a Push Back Racking System Works

In a push back racking system, a series of nested carts are placed on a single pallet position. A pallet which is placed at that position will rest at the front until a new pallet is placed there. This original pallet is then pushed to the back of that position – hence the name “push back racking system”. This system operates under the “first in, last out” principle, which isn’t ideal for all facilities.

Storage Density is Maximized

However, if your facility turns over product at a high rate, a push back racking system may be a great option for you. Most push back racking systems store up to 5 pallets in one position. Compare this to other racking systems such as a drive-in rack system, which may only have the capacity to store 1 pallet per position, and you can see that push back racks have a decisive edge in terms of storage density, helping you make the most out of your limited space.

Push Back Racking System Solutions at S.W. Betz

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