What to Know Before Buying a Racking System for Your New Warehouse

racking system
This guide will help you know what to look for before buying a racking system for your new warehouse.

Selecting a racking system that will work best for your new warehouse requires some answers to a specific list of questions and considerations. Ensuring that you choose the correct system will make the difference between managing a successfully organized warehouse and potential cluttered chaos. This guide will help you know what to look for before buying a racking system for your new warehouse.

Storage Density

The ideal use of space is to increase your cube utilization as much as possible within the warehouse. With that said, you should use the stock keeping unit (SKU) code to identify opportunities where your warehouse would benefit from deep-lane storage. Deep-lane storage options include double-deep, drive-in, drive-through, pallet flow, and push-back racks.


If it’s necessary in your warehouse that you have access to specific pallets at all times, your choices will be limited based on your selectivity needs. If you’ll always need access to pallets, deep-lane storage won’t work. Consider the technique of “burying” the pallets.


Does your warehouse operate using a first in/first out or last in/first out system? Pallet flow racks are more appropriate for FIFO facilities, but some deep-lane storage options may also be appropriate. Keep in mind that you should consider the impact that buried loads will have on labor and handling costs.

Picking Profiles

You’ll need to select and configure your rack based on your picking trends. Will your orders require that workers pick pallets, cases, or pieces? Next, you should consider if you’re picking from bulk to replenish aw forward pick zone.

Forklift Access

Will your racking system to be accessible by forklift? If so, remember to add at least six inches and up to 12 to the right-angle stacking aisle. Your fork truck selection is especially important for drive-in, drive-through, and double-deep racks. These considerations will help reduce damage to the racks themselves as well as your products, and even boost productivity.     

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