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selective pallet racking
Selective pallet racking can be a great choice for warehouses that don’t have strict time restraints on inventory.

Big decisions concerning your warehouse and business take time and research. You need to ensure you make the right choice, especially when it comes to equipment and facility investments. Pallet rack is a common system in warehouses used to store and organize inventory. However, there are different kind of pallet rack and the right one depends on the needs of your business. Selective pallet racking, unlike carton flow racking, has a static deck and is meant for more long term storage. The different types of selective pallet rack, roll formed and structural, each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Roll Formed

Roll formed pallet rack is a lightweight, easily customizable rack option suitable for many warehouses. Because of the way this type of rack is manufactured and the materials used, it is intended for use with lighter inventory. Roll formed selective pallet racking is a less expensive option than structural racking and takes less time to install, but is more prone to forklift damage and has a lower load capacity.


Recommended for high-volume warehouses where forklift damage is more likely, structural selective pallet racking is made from channel steel. This is stronger than the steel roll formed racking is made from, meaning it can withstand more bumps and dings, but also has a higher load capacity. Structural racking is bolted together and takes longer to install than roll formed rack. In many cases, structural pallet rack is incorporated into the structural support of the warehouse, hence the name.

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