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S.W. Betz Takes Care of All Your Manual and Electric Pallet Jack Needs

As any warehouse owner knows, one of the most important elements of your equipment fleet is your pallet jacks. Pallet jacks, both manual and electric varieties, serve a necessary purpose in any facility’s setting; they quite literally are the ones doing the heavy lifting! With as much trust as you need to put in pallet jacks, there is one question you should be asking yourself: are yours up to par? Read on to find out more about how S.W. Betz can take care of all of your pallet jack needs.

 Stainless Steel Pallet JackFinding the Right Pallet Jacks for You

There are a wide variety of pallet jacks from which to choose, and deciding between them largely comes down to deciding what needs your facility has. From manual to electric, stainless steel to galvanized steel, high lift to low profile, S.W. Betz can help you determine which pallet jacks will serve as the best custom solution for your warehouse.

 Repairing your Pallet Jacks for Warehouse Safety

When it comes to warehouse safety, ensuring that all of your equipment is in proper working condition is vital to ensuring that your work environment is, in fact, safe. If a pallet jack is not functioning properly, it could potentially drop heavy items and cause property damage, injury to an employee, or both. Regular maintenance of electric pallet jacks is one way to be proactive and keep your employees safe in the warehouse. S.W. Betz can provide this regular maintenance on a consistent basis, and if our experts find that your pallet jacks are in need of repairs, they will be able to supply the necessary repair work on site so that you do not have to worry about the functionality of any of your warehouse equipment in the future. For regular maintenance of electric pallet jacks or repairs of manual pallet jacks, S.W. Betz can either work for you on-site at your facility, or you can drop your pallet jacks off at the Betz warehouse to be worked on.

Pallet jacks are an essential warehouse tool that add a level of safety and convenience to your everyday operations. Make sure that yours are in their best shape with help from S.W. Betz today!

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