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We’ve written several helpful articles on how useful wire partitions are for any warehouse or facility. One of the leading names in wire partitions and wire storage solutions is SpaceGuard Products, serving government, industrial, warehouse, and various other industries.woven wire wire partitions spaceguard
It’s important to only offer the best quality equipment to our clients for solutions that last. Learn more about SpaceGuard Products, and how their wire partitions and storage solutions are some of the best available.

The SpaceGuard Mission

SpaceGuard manufactures high quality wire mesh products that consumers can depend upon. In fact, their mission is: “To create superior safety solutions and secured storage enclosures, ensuring value with exceptional customer support before, during, and after a sale.”
You can expect the best service and products from this manufacturer, which is a part of the reason they’re a leading warehouse storage brand.

Wire partitions and more from SpaceGuard

S.W. Betz is proud to sell and install SpaceGuard equipment for your storage needs. Not only do they manufacture durable wire partitions, but storage lockers, infill panels, and pallet rack safety systems as well. They have versatile cages, doors, locks, shelves and more to fit your specific needs and applications.
Known for carrying high quality wire mesh products, their welded wire is built to last and provide outstanding protection and security. When searching for a high quality storage solution for your warehouse or facility, SpaceGuard is the place to start.
For more information on their products we offer here at S.W. Betz, or for questions on pricing and installation, give us a call. Our knowledgeable team can provide any insight you need on SpaceGuard or any of our warehouse storage solutions.

SpaceGuard products at S.W. Betz

The S.W. Betz Company, Inc. has been providing businesses in Maryland and beyond with all of their essential Weighing, Material Handling, Dock, and Warehouse equipment since 1933. We also assist customers with wire partitions and other warehouse equipment.
We carry a variety of top warehouse equipment brands, such as: Morse, WescoMagliner, and Quantum Storage Systems, Cogan, and of course, SpaceGuard. 
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