S.W. Betz’s Guide to Loading Dock Levelers

Business owners want to protect their valuable shipments in transit, knowing that damaged inventory can negatively affect their bottom line. But protecting items in transit is only half the battle; you also need to ensure that once your delivery is made, your items make it to your warehouse safely. One piece of equipment that ensures this is your loading dock leveler: a loading dock leveler makes moving shipments on and off trucks both safe and efficient. Read on to find out more about this essential materials handling equipment!

Mechanical Loading Dock Levelers and Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers

loading dock levelers
Find the right loading dock leveler for your facility!

Of the types of loading dock levelers available to you, mechanical and hydraulic levelers guarantee top-quality performance.
Mechanical Loading Dock Levelers are ideal for companies with smaller loading docks. Operated manually, these loading docks also have a fairly simple and easy-to-use design that can be implemented into the layout of your loading dock.
Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers can handle even higher capacities, making them a good choice for a busy, larger loading dock. They have sturdy platforms perfect for any and all of your shipments.
Loading dock levelers can either be selected to be temporary, portable units that you can remove as needed or as permanent installations in your busy loading dock area. No matter what your specific needs are regarding your leveler, S.W. Betz has a wide range of leveler models available to you.
To ensure your loading dock leveler’s longevity, consider implementing a preventative maintenance contract plan. Preventative maintenance contracts create a schedule of services and maintenance updates for your loading dock levelers that guarantee they stay in good condition and are able to function as needed. By utilizing a preventative maintenance contract, you not only extend the life of your leveler, but also greatly reduce the safety risk and liability involved with using a faulty piece of equipment.
To purchase your loading dock leveler and to discuss the option of a preventative maintenance contract, get in touch with S.W. Betz today.

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