Safety First: Installing Guardrail in Your Maryland Facility

Warehouse accidents happen. When they do, you want your facility’s product and employees to be protected. The best layer of protection you can add to your Maryland facility is installing guardrail. It is an affordable, durable safety solution against truck and lift accidents.cogan-guardrail-maryland

Safety benefits of installing guardrail

The first step to a safe work environment is putting guardrail in place for protection. It not only protects employees and product, but also protects equipment, mezzanines, modular offices, and control paneling. Employees can work with confidence knowing they are protected against truck and lift accidents. A confidence workforce equals increased efficiency, and even fewer accidents.

A hard-working system

Heavy-duty guardrail is manufactured to take on impacts. Constructed primarily to prevent collision accidents, these hard-working safety systems are also affordable and easy to install. This makes guardrail an optimal solution for workplace safety, with little to no downtime and a reasonable price.
Another benefit many warehouse managers do not consider is the guardrail’s ability to direct traffic. Properly-installed guardrail systems make paths and routes for trucks and lifts clear. An increase in efficiency occurs as a result, since traffic routes throughout the facility are more distinct.

Putting safety first

Facilities without a guardrail system are vulnerable to costly accidents and damage. Not to mention, the safety of employees is at risk without a suitable barrier system between powered warehouse vehicles and employees on foot. The cost of guardrail installation is much more affordable than the cost of damage and repairs, or even employee injury.
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