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Loading Dock Leveler
Keep your loading dock leveler and the workers around it safe by utilizing these safety tips!

Levelers are essential pieces of equipment that keep the activity around your loading dock smooth and efficient. Since loading docks are often the busiest areas of warehouse facilities, understanding and implementing proper safety techniques will help reduce the risk of employees getting hurt while on the job. Your loading dock leveler is simply a part of warehouse safety that shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s how to keep your loading dock leveler safe during day-to-day operations.

Understand What You Need

There’s a lot you need to think about when deciding on a loading dock leveler for your facility, so make sure you do your research and ask questions before making a decision. This will help ensure that your loading dock leveler is fit for the job it needs to do. Some things you’ll have to think about include:

  • Load capacity of the leveler
  • The type of vehicles expected to load/unload
  • The type of vehicles docking at your facility

Group Levelers with Other Safety Equipment

Injuries which involve forklifts in a warehouse setting are a real problem in today’s environment. So making sure your forklift drivers are operating in a safe environment should be a priority. Use other equipment in your loading dock to promote safety when driving forklifts. Mirrors (as well as setting up drivers with spotters) help with visibility issues, while bumpers protect structures and equipment.

Maintain Your Loading Dock Leveler Appropriately

Keeping the pit and structure of your loading dock leveler well-maintained help prevent unnecessary accidents. Have it checked out regularly and make any repairs as soon as problems are spotted. If your dock leveler has a mechanical lift, that lift needs to have regular service to keep it in working order.

Awareness is Key

All employees should receive proper safety training when they are expected to work around the loading dock area. A well-prepared and aware workforce complements your equipment and can help prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring.

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