Save Time, Money, and Labor By Investing In A Drum Roller For Your Warehouse

drum rollers
All of these drum rollers will work to keep your warehouse working efficiently and your employees safe.

Having the correct types of drum handling equipment will ensure the safety of everyone in your warehouse. When misusing equipment or having ineffective equipment, warehouse employees are put at risk and could suffer from serious injuries. By investing in high-quality drum rolling equipment, there will be fewer accidents among warehouse workers altogether. All of these drum rollers will work to keep your warehouse working efficiently and your employees safe.

What Are Drum Rollers?

Depending on what kind of products your warehouse stores, each drum may contain contents that need to be regularly mixed. When left to sit upright for too long, parts of the mixture begin to settle at the bottom of the drum, rendering the product unfit for consumers or wholesalers. To avoid this, invest in a high-quality drum roller that will eliminate this potential problem.

How Do They Work?

Drum rollers are designed to lift drums from the floor and turn them until they are horizontal. The drum is then rolled to blend the contents thoroughly. Some drums contain mixtures that cannot afford to be continually opened, stirred, and then closed again. In this way, drum rollers are helpful because the equipment does all the hard work for you, saving you time, money, and labor.

Which Type Will Work Best for My Drums?

With many options to choose from, there is a drum roller that will work best for your warehouse inventory. To choose the correct kind of drum roller, you must first assess the size, weight, and contents of your drums. To eliminate the dangers of manual drum lifting and rolling, a hydra-lift drum roller does the intense labor for you. If you need to easily relocate your drum roller, a portable drum roller will cater to your needs. Other options include stationary drum rollers and CE-marked 200 liter drum rollers.

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