How Do You Select the Right Pallet Rack?


The Invincible Pallet Rack from Husky is an amazing example of a great pallet rack.
The Invincible Pallet Rack from Husky is an amazing example of a great pallet rack.

When you’re setting up a warehouse, expanding your location, or simply adding some extra storage space, you are going to start shopping for pallet racks. How do you know what to choose? There are lots and lots of option with different applications. That’s why we’re going to walk you through the shopping process today. Are you ready to learn more about choosing pallet rack? Let’s do it!

Pallet Racks come in many sizes.

When shopping for pallet rack, you should take some time to consider both the space you have available in your facility as well as the size of your product. Standard depths range from 24” to 54” but custom racking can be manufactured for special applications. Measuring your space is a vital part of the shopping process. Once measured, you will know how much room you have to work with so that you don’t overcrowd your facility. You need to make sure that forklifts and other machinery are going to be able to maneuver comfortably and safely after the pallet racks are installed. Otherwise, you are going to run into issues that will need to be addressed.

Keep your employees and products safe with the right protection.

As you continue to consider your new pallet rack, you may want to invest in the right protection. We offer a number of different rack protectors that are available based on your specific needs. These protectors primarily protect pallet rack from impacts by lift trucks. We also offer rack guarding to keep your materials and products from falling. They provide an economic answer to rack safety, so that you don’t have to worry about product damage, or worse, employee injury. Without these added security features, you are taking a risk with safety of both product and employees. Take the precautions now and enjoy the benefit of safety.

Pallet Rack Installation in Maryland

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