Warehousing Equipment Service & Installation - Baltimore

Service / Installation

Service / Installation

Along with sales and repairs, an important part of our business, and a nice thing for our customers, is our ability to service and/or install different pieces of equipment, including weighing, materials handling, and warehousing equipment. Our team is equipped to install, service and/or repair materials handling solutions, including but not limited to scales, racking systems, shelving systems, loading dock equipment, and mezzanines. We also service and/or install hand trucks, manual and electric pallet trucks, loading dock doors, wire mesh enclosures, conveyors, and pneumatic tube systems as part of our install process.

Since 1933, service has been a large part of our business and one of the primary ways for us to provide additional value to our customers – and continues to be so today. Primarily, the item we focus on in our service department is scales. Our technicians have significant experience with many different types of scales including floor scales, platform scales, bench scales, physician scales, counting scales, and jewelry scales.

How often your scales need calibration and/or service is dependent on several factors, including the frequency of use, external operating conditions, and the acceptable margin of error for your specific industry.

The S. W. Betz Company is a certified service agency with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Section. Each technician is trained and certified for scale inspections, calibrations, testing, and repair. Our test weights are calibrated and certified by the State of Maryland.

Our technicians and staff are available to assist you in determining an appropriate calibration and/or service interval, after which your company will be contacted to schedule calibration.

Our goal is to understand our customers’ needs, present solutions that meet those needs, and then work to integrate materials acquisition, shipping/delivery, and related installation to minimize interruption to the customers’ ongoing operations. Whether you have the need for service or installation on/of a variety of materials handling items, S. W. Betz can get the job done!