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Soft Wall Partitions
Soft wall partitions can be valuable components of your warehouse design. Learn why below!

When you need to separate spaces in your facility temporarily, there are a few choices available. You could look at having solid modular elements installed. While these are great options for offices and other useful spaces, they’re not effective if you need to drive a forklift or other equipment into the space. Soft wall partitions can be a better option than rigid modular walls in this situation. Why else are soft wall partitions an excellent choice for your facility? Here are some of the benefits.

Less Space Required

Soft wall partitions are draped from a deck in stark contrast to solid walls which need to be supported on the floor. Also, they are specially designed to withstand impacting, so they don’t need any curbing either. Taken together, this means that soft wall partitions require far less space than solid ones – on average, soft walls only need about 1.5 to 3 inches of space for installation. Solid walls need about 5 to 6 inches of space, but that doesn’t include curbing which can take up to 8 additional inches on each side.

No Shutdown Necessary

Solid walls may require at least a portion of your facility to be shut down temporarily if it needs to be acclimated to higher or lower temperatures. But soft wall partitions are not affected by temperature, making them easy to install in any space and keeping your facility at peak production even during the installation process.

Easy Installation

Soft wall partitions require minimal equipment to install and take down. In addition, they can be installed in tight spaces that would pose a problem for solid wall construction. For example, you can put up soft partitions in racking flue space without needing to uninstall the racks beforehand.

Can Be Impacted by Equipment

Soft wall partitions are designed to be impacted by equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks. They are usually connected with heavy-duty hooks and fasteners that separate upon impact, allowing the equipment to drive through. After impact, the panels easily fasten back together.

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