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industrial ladders
Industrial ladders are highly useful pieces of equipment that require special safety precautions.

Safety is exceptionally important in all aspects of the workplace. When you’re managing or working in a warehouse, you need to pay extra attention to safety protocols. Between the high traffic and the myriad of dangerous equipment, taking the time to learn proper ladder safety can seem ancillary. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today we’re going to be taking you through some of the ways that you can stay safe on industrial ladders. Let’s take a look.

A clean ladder is a safe ladder.

Industrial facilities and warehouses aren’t always the cleanest places. Debris, chemicals, and other substances can end up on the floor and even on your industrial ladders. These small messes may not seem like an important matter, but every moment they are left uncleaned is a moment that your ladder safety is remaining compromised. Make a serious effort to keep your industrial ladders clean to avoid personnel slipping, falling, or otherwise injuring themselves.

Follow the guidelines given.

If your industrial ladder says that it can only bear the weight of 300lbs, then you should listen. It may be tempting to challenge the weight limit, but you run the risk of damages to your property and personal injury. Make sure that you’re using proper ladder climbing techniques and that you are always focused on safety while using your ladders. You should also always be aware of where your ladders are, and if there are people using them. You wouldn’t want to run into the ladder while someone is on it.

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