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Structural Pallet Racks
Structural pallet racks are built to withstand heavy loads and forklift impacts.

Is the current rack system at your facility looking a little worse for the wear? Do you need something stronger and more resistant to the everyday wear and tear of the warehouse environment? Perhaps your capacity needs are starting to outgrow your current racking system and you need more space to store your product. Consider having structural pallet racks installed in your facility. These heavy duty racking systems are perfect for storing larger quantities of products and are built to withstand forklift damage better than a roll-formed pallet rack.

Advantages of Structural Pallet Racks

Structural pallet racks offer many benefits over roll-formed pallet racks:

  • Strong: Structural pallet racks are made from hot rolled steel, making them much stronger and more able to store large product loads. Heavier structural channels ensure a higher tolerance for abuse.
  • Rigid: Beams are fully bolted to the frame connections. This increases the strength and rigidity of structural pallet racks and protects the entire system against beam dislodgement due to an upward impact by a forklift or pallet.
  • Durable: Facilities that deal with heavy loads, fast turnover, and harsh conditions will be served well by structural pallet racks. They are specially designed for long-lasting performance in heavy-use conditions.
  • Versatile: Structural pallet racks can be designed to fit just about any application and any warehouse. Materials are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and load capabilities. In addition, they can be configured in a few different ways – selective, push back, pallet flow, and drive-in applications are all possible.

It is even possible to have structural pallet racks designed into a new facility such that the vertical columns simultaneously support the racks and the roof of the warehouse, replacing the vertical support I-beams of the facility. This setup is known as a rack-supported building.

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