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Inspect ever part of you pallet rack to ensure nothing’s damaged. If it is, it might be time for new pallet rack.

Pallet rack is a vital part of many warehouses that gets a lot of use. The wear and tear of this heavy use can take a toll on pallet racking over time and make you wonder how to tell when it’s time for new pallet rack. It’s always better to replace pallet rack than to wait and risk a possible collapse, but there are some clear signs that pallet rack has aged and it’s time for new pallet rack.

Load Beams

When a load beam is weighted there is natural deflection. Once the weight is taken off of a beam it should return to its natural position. If it doesn’t the beam is at risk for failing. Check the beam’s connection to the uprights and make sure there is a strong connection and no damage in the area. All dents, twists, or dings should be closely inspected to make sure they are not part of a bigger problem.


Any damage to an upright, even something as harmless as scraped paint, can be a signifier of a forklift collision. Damage to an upright compromises its ability to bear a load and is a serious problem. Usually column protectors are employed to prevent damage, so they may need to be removed in order to inspect the actual upright.


Rack failure is usually the result of overloading, but structural issues can weaken rack and cause it to fail at what should be within capacity. Rust is a clear sign that rack is starting to get past its prime and may not be able to hold as much weight as it used to. Rack that is crooked or out of alignment is a clear sign that something isn’t right.

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