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The Importance of Good Warehouse Design Layout
Designing your warehouse the right way yields some immense benefits.

Designing your warehouse the right way yields some immense benefits. For a start, you can save space and money, two precious resources that can help your business succeed and grow faster than your competitors. Here is a closer look at some of the factors that are affected by the layout of your warehouse.


A poorly laid out warehouse is one that isn’t reaching its full potential. For one thing, all of the available space won’t be able to be used to its full extent, and at that point, it’s just a waste. This is because you are probably taking up more space than you need to, which diminishes the capacity you could be using for more inventory items instead. Calculate the amount of space you truly need and find the best approaches for using it the most efficiently. Thinking about the future is a good idea too, especially when you need to consider the amount of horizontal and vertical storage space you will need in the next few years.


You can’t overlook the importance of your warehouse workers. For them to be at their most productive, they need to be focused on the tasks at hand and motivated to get them done. In other words, high productivity depends on strong morale. Going long distances can sap their energy or make them unwilling to carry heavy loads, with or without the aid of warehouse equipment such as pallet racks and forklifts. Update your floor plan to account for this potential issue. Keep common areas and other places that are frequently traveled free of obstructions, especially in zones close to emergency exits.


Lastly, many of your design and layout problems can be solved by improving the organization of your warehouse. When your warehouse is cluttered and disorganized, your workers won’t be able to find what they need – whether it is fulfilling orders for expectant customers or putting fire extinguishers back where they belong. Poor organization can affect productivity, and in turn, sink morale. Creating a better, more coherent organization plan for your warehouse isn’t something all managers can afford to do, but that’s why you can rely on S.W. Betz to help you figure out the logistical nightmares! 

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