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The right mezzanine floor is vital to making your new addition fully operational.

Earlier this month we discussed the different types of components you need to consider when having a mezzanine installed, but didn’t spend enough time talking about one vital part every mezzanine needs, a floor. Here are three of the most common types of mezzanine floors and the advantages of each.

Bar Grating

Bar grating lets light and air through, is strong and durable, but can be a hassle to move inventory over. This is a great option for your mezzanine as long as you don’t plan on using anything with wheels on it, since the grating can make it difficult to roll heavy loads of inventory. One advantage to bar grating is the ability for sprinkler penetration, which might be a fire safety concern in some warehouses.


If you plan on your mezzanine being a permanent part of your warehouse, concrete is a strong option. Great for wet environments or for use with forklifts, concrete offers an easy to maintain option that will last. If your mezzanine requires fire resistance to meet building codes, concrete is your best choice.

Floor Plate

An equally as strong but not as permanent as concrete option is diamond floor plate or checkered steel floor plate. Able to hold up to heavy foot, forklift or other machinery traffic, floor plate’s texture makes it slip-resistant and another good options for wet environments.

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