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Tips for Choosing the Right Dock Leveler
Finding the right dock leveler can be trickier than you might think.

Finding the right dock leveler can be trickier than you might think. There are several things you must think about when making this decision because you don’t want to be unhappy with what you get if you make the wrong choice. Here are some tips on how to find the right dock leveler for your warehouse or business.

What You Need

The first question you should answer is what you need your dock leveler to do. How much cargo is it going to hold? You’ll also have to account for the weight of the loaded truck that brings the cargo in as well. How high does it need to go, and how often do you need to use it? These questions may seem unnecessary, but they are essential. To answer these questions, you should consider the type of operating environment that your business runs. Cleanliness measures, pest control, and temperature and insulation are all important things to remember.

Making Your Choices

The next step is to begin making your selections. Edge of dock levelers, also known as EOD, are solid models for the smallest needs. However, these models can cause your workers to work harder and not smarter. You could also have a pit leveler, but you would need to alter your dock to make it work better.

Choosing Options

Now you will have several other options to consider. For example, do you want your dock leveler to be manually controlled, or electrically powered? Manual levelers don’t require power and are relatively easy to operate. The downside is that they will need much more maintenance. If that sounds like too much trouble for you, then it might be worth it to choose electrically powered dock levelers instead. How will you control them? What signals and controls will you use, and how will you ensure safety? These questions will help you determine what dock leveler solutions are the best fit for you.

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