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Using a Drive In Rack System
A drive-in rack system is one of the many types of storage that is available for your warehouse or storage facility.

A drive-in rack system is one of the many types of storage that is available for your warehouse or storage facility. They are highly versatile because they can be used to store almost anything. They can also be customized to fit whatever your storage needs may be. A drive-in rack system stores pallets anywhere from two to ten deep. The pallets are accessed with a forklift. This type of system is frequently placed against a wall so that it is open at the one end.

Safe Loading and Unloading

Personnel safety should be your number one priority. Forklift operators should remain alert at all times when loading and unloading a rack system. Before the system is built, the forklift being used should be thoroughly measured to ensure size compatibility. When entering and exiting the system, operators should move very slowly and avoid colliding with the upright supports. Drive in rack systems can be quite deep, so backing up slowly when exiting the system is especially important.

Maintaining a Drive-In Rack System

Because forklifts and personnel will be traveling underneath the pallets stored in the rack system, In is essential that it is properly maintained in order to maintain proper stability. In general, these systems don’t require much maintenance, but your drive in rack system should have regular safety checks to ensure no repairs will be required.

Advantages of a Drive-In Rack System

There are many advantages to be gained from using this type of rack system, including:

  • Maximize your storage space
  • Custom designed for your specific needs
  • Can be combined with other types of rack systems to customize storage

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