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Using Wire Cages in Your Warehouse
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When designing or upgrading your warehouse, the safety and security of all personnel should be a top priority. Forklift collisions can cause personnel and product damage. If you’re storing automotive parts, electronics, or even pharmaceuticals, these items will need to be protected against theft. With wire cages, you can keep all of your stock safe from accidents and theft. Here are some of the advantages of using wire cages in your facility. 

Highly Durable Materials

In a warehouse or industrial setting, you need equipment that will be tough enough to stand the test of time. Wire cages are built with ten-gauge wire, arranged into two-inch squares, which makes them durable enough to work well in a tough environment. The wire is welded into its frame, and then an additional protective coating is applied to fortify it even further.

Ease of Installation

Wire cages, like modular offices, do not have to be permanent. Your business may grow or evolve in some way and your needs can change. Wire cages can be moved and changed around to fit whatever your needs may be.

Highly Versatile

Wire cages are essentially made up of the wire and the framing. While these components do have standardized specifications, they can be customized for your specific needs. The wires can be woven together in different ways, to increase strength or security or even to fit in better with the rest of the facility. You can even add gates, doors, and other different types of panels to make your wire cages whatever you need them to be.

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