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Guard Rails and Bollards
Bollards protect critical equipment from forklift collisions.

In a warehouse work environment, there are many kinds of dangers that facility managers should be aware of. Workers can be at risk of fall accidents, and heavy machinery critical to production can be damaged from collisions. By planning for every potential incident and outfitting your facility accordingly, you can make your warehouse a safe workplace for your employees. Guard rails and bollards are important components in making this happen, but they do serve different purposes. For many firms, a combination of both will be critical in keeping employees and heavy machinery safe from collision damage and falls. Here’s how guard rails and bollards play a role in the safety of your workplace.

Guard Rails

Heavy-duty guard rails are a comprehensive safety solution, serving a wide array of purposes in the warehouse environment. They can surround production equipment and other heavy machinery to protect them, and any employees working within them, from forklift collisions. You can also protect other essential features of your facility, such as racking, shelving, and inventory, with well-placed guard rails. Finally, they can be placed on the edges of a warehouse mezzanine to protect workers at dangerous heights from falling.


Bollards serve a similar function as guard rails within a different form. Instead of surrounding the perimeter of the area with protection, bollards are placed at various intervals on this perimeter, generally at the points where collisions are most likely. However, bollards provide the same protection from forklift collisions as guard rails.

Which Solution is Right for You?

The key in knowing which setup you should choose will be how much space you have available. For facilities with limited space, a bollard setup may be more convenient since it doesn’t take up as much space as guard rails and it’s easier to work around.  For most, a combination of guard rails and bollards will be the best solution to keep your employees and essential equipment safe.

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