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Warehouse Relocation Tips
When it comes time to relocate your warehouse, you might not know what you’re supposed to do.

When it comes time to relocate your warehouse, you might not know what you’re supposed to do. After all, your inventory needs to go somewhere if you can’t contain it inside your current facility. However, managing this process is much easier than you might expect. Here are some warehouse relocation tips to consider the next time you need them.

Tear It Down

Before you can do anything else, you need to tear down your current warehouse systems. This doesn’t always mean that you need to demolish your building. Disassemble all pallet racks, mezzanines, drive-in racking systems, conveyors, wire partitions, and every other component that helps your warehouse operate as efficiently as possible. This makes it easier and safer to move everything to your new location. Banding is the next step involved in the relocation process, as this ensures everything will make it there undamaged and unblemished. Get rid of all the anchors that kept these systems anchored to the floor. Patch over the floors with a new layer of concrete before you go or simply cut the anchors flush with the floor. This will be determined by the owner of the building.

Coordinate the Relocation Process

The next step is to continue coordinating the overall relocation process. Communicate with the appropriate parties to make sure you will be able to move materials into the building. If you are working with a general contractor on tailoring the space to your needs, coordinate the material handling system work with them and your material handling contractor. If you need to outsource the receiving end of the process or require additional workers to provide more labor, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with SW Betz for assistance. Unpacking all of the elements in your warehouse is complicated and potentially dangerous. Leaving behind your current industrial warehouse and going to one in a different part of your city or state has its own challenges, so you want to be cognizant of them.

Get Everything Finished

The time has come to finish everything up. This means that the final step is reassembly. SW Betz will coordinate with all parties involved (customer, general contractor, other sub-contractors, etc.) to ensure a safe, smooth installation process. After everything has been reassembled, making sure your new facility is safe requires turnkey measures. Rely on the help that SW Betz can provide you with from beginning to end.

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