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When looking at pallet racking systems for a warehouse or similar facility, a common question is whether to buy new or used pallet racking. The advantages of new pallet rack make it a preferred choice for many facilities over used pallet rack. We’ll list the various advantages below.

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Advantage #1: Availability

Pallet racking is such a useful asset for warehouse storage and organization that it isn’t always easy to find it used. Even if you do, it may be bought before you have a chance to purchase, and then you are forced to go longer without a pallet rack system. Buying new means the pallet rack you want will always be available, since it is constantly manufactured.

Advantage #2: Load capacity

Unfortunately, used pallet racks cannot have a guarantee on their capacity. The load capacity of used pallet rack cannot be determined, so it may turn out that the used pallet rack does not meet your load capacity requirements. New pallet rack load capacities can be verified by both the distributor and manufacturer.

Advantage #3: Length of use

The reason used pallet rack is cheaper than new pallet rack is because used has already had its share of use and wear. Even though new pallet rack costs more upfront, the length of use your facility will reap from it makes it a wise investment. The length of time used pallet rack can be used for your warehouse depends on previous use, and cannot be guaranteed.
For some situations, used pallet rack systems are still a good choice. However, the majority of facility owners find new pallet rack to fit their wants and needs more than used pallet rack. For more information on new pallet rack installation, give S.W. Betz a call today.

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