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Dock Shelters and Seals
Keep your facility warm this winter with the help of dock shelters or dock seals!

With the approach of cold winter weather to our area, many warehouse facility managers anticipate an increase in operating costs due to higher utility bills. Often, these costs could be avoided through implementation of dock shelters and dock seals. When docks don’t have this equipment, little cracks between parked trailers and the entrance of the dock allow warm air from the inside to escape outside, making your heating system work harder. Not only that, but dock gaps can also let in outside elements inside, such as rain, dust, and pests – this can potentially impact your facility and bottom line through product damage, warehouse inspection problems, and an uncomfortable work environment for your employees. Dock shelters and dock seals are similar, but one may be better for your facility than the other. So what’s the difference between the two?

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are enclosures which form a seal around the perimeter of a parked trailer by applying pressure to the sides of the trailer, using fabric curtains with fiberglass stays. Since they aren’t designed to be completely compressed by the trailer, they can be adjusted to suit different sizes and don’t wear out as easily as other seals. In addition, they give maximum access to loads on the trailer, making the processes of loading and unloading much more efficient. Although they tend to be more expensive to outfit than dock seals, shelters more than make up for it with their versatility and are great options for facilities which have to deal with a wide variety of trailer heights and sizes.

Dock Seals

Dock seals comprise foam padding that a trailer backs into, providing for three complete seals around the trailer perimeter. While this setup is generally more efficient than dock shelters, seals tend to have limited utility. They cannot be adjusted in the same way as shelters and, due to the direct contact inherent in the design, tend to wear out more quickly. In addition, since the foam compresses into the trailer opening, forklift access to the trailer can be restricted. Nevertheless, dock seals are an economical choice for facilities where there is very little variation in the types of trailers they serve and forklift access concerns are minimal.

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