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Structural vs. Roll Formed Pallet Racks
Learn the difference between structural and roll formed pallet racks and which one may be right for your facility below.

When you are considering updating your warehouse or designing a new one, one of the most important things you’ll have to consider is whether to go with structural pallet racks or roll formed pallet racks. Both of these systems are durable and can offer your warehouse a lot, but one of them may be more suited for your needs than the other. So what’s the difference between structural and roll formed pallet racks?

Structural Pallet Racks

Structural pallet racks are made from heavy, hot-rolled structural steel which are then bolted together. Because they are bolted together, structural pallet racks take slightly longer to install and are a little more expensive than roll formed pallet racks, but they also offer superior durability, remarkable versatility, and less maintenance. They are recommended for warehouses with a quickly-paced environment such as large distributors and high volume warehouses because they can better handle greater impact from your forklift equipment.

Roll Formed Pallet Racks

On the other hand, roll formed pallet racks are made out of a lighter steel which are then roll formed cold. They are then connected together with beam pin connectors and locking mechanisms. Roll formed pallet racks are not as heavy-duty as structural pallet racks, but they are a great option for retail stores as well as commercial/industrial warehouses which store lighter products and do not have much forklift traffic. In addition, if your facility is storing seasonal commodities or a large number of product SKUs of different sizes, roll formed may be the way to go. Roll formed pallet racks are less expensive than structural pallet racks and can be reconfigured easily to suit adapting needs.

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