Which Type of Dock Leveler Suits Your Needs: Hydraulic or Mechanical?
When you manage a loading dock, there are several logistical challenges you must solve.

When you manage a loading dock, there are several logistical challenges you must solve. One of them is whether or not you need hydraulic or mechanical dock levelers. There are going to be gaps between the trucks and the floor that need to be closed. That way, all cargo can be protected before it’s moved into your facility.

Hydraulic Levelers

Activating a hydraulic leveler is as easy as pushing a button. The lip goes up and the equipment elevates as well. In general, these levelers don’t need the assistance of chains. The more advanced models can be programmed to return to their original positions without further input from a human operator. When compared to mechanical levelers, hydraulic ones are more expensive. Despite the higher initial cost, these machines will save your business money over the course of their lifespan. That’s because they’re more efficient and won’t need as much maintenance. There is something to be said about that, after all. The hydraulic levelers also reduce the chances of workers and employees being injured while using them. 

Mechanical Levelers

Mechanical levelers work differently. For one thing, unlike their hydraulic counterparts, they are powered by springs. Lowering the lip to meet the truck will require a human operator to do it. Pull chains are also needed to extend the lip onto the trailer of the waiting truck. Then an operator can lower the leveler onto the bed of the truck below. These systems are not as efficient, but they do have one major advantage: the initial investment is much lower. That means they are more affordable to incorporate into the design of your warehouse, especially if you need more than one. Even so, there are many different parts and components involved. They’ll break down every so often, even if you take good care of them. That means they’ll need much more maintenance. Replacements and repairs due to changing weather patterns may make the upkeep costs increase the longer you depend on mechanical levelers in your facility.

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