Wire Bins & Containers Distributor - Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

Wire Bins & Containers

Wire bins and wire containers are a great heavier-duty alternative to corrugated boxes and plastic bins and containers. These wire bins and containers come in a variety of different dimensions and styles, and they can range in size from a few inches to ten feet or longer. The high-quality wire bins and containers sold by the S. W. Betz Company have capacities of over 6,000 pounds.
Our wire bins and containers can be picked up and accessed on all four sides by standard pallet jacks, lift trucks, or fork lifts. They also have a drop gate design, which allows easy access to the page that they contain. We carry collapsible wire bins and containers for easy nesting as well as rigid-wall containers In addition to some of the page that we carry that are listed below, the S. W. Betz Company also has custom-sized wire bins and wire containers available to fit any need.

  • Folding Wire Containers
  • Light-Duty Wire Containers
  • Junior Wire Containers
  • Rigid Wire Containers
  • Mini Bulk Containers
  • Pallet Surround Wire Containers – Transform any 40” x 48” open pallet into a four-walled bulk container