Wire Decks Will Strengthen Your Warehouse


pallet racks, wire decking
Wire decks can make your pallet racks even more effective.

Many warehouse managers and owners don’t give a lot of thought to their pallet racks, but they should. More specifically, they should be thinking about the shelving on their pallet racks. Today we’re going to be talking about wire decking and how this one element can strengthen your entire warehouse. Let’s take a look together.

What is wire decking for your pallet racks?

Before we can cover why wire decking is going to strengthen your warehouse, we need to explain exactly what wire decking is. When you look at a pallet rack, you have the four posts and then a shelving platform to place items on. That platform is where the wire decking is going to go.

What will wire decking add to your pallet racks?

The most important feature it will add is the ability to store smaller non-palletized items. Another important feature that wire decking will add is an improvement in the way that your sprinkler system will function. In case of an emergency, the water from your sprinkler system will be able to flow through the wire decking and put out a fire faster, preserving the integrity of your warehouse more effectively.

Visibility is an important element in effective racking.

Even though your personnel may be taking inventory regularly, it may be difficult to see all of the items stored within your pallet racks. When you utilize the power of wire decking, you will be able to see through the shelving on your racks. This can be helpful for spot-checking how much space you have left in one area or where you can add extra items. Managing your inventory effectively is going to aid in your warehouse’s daily operations and with wire decking, you can manage it efficiently.
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