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Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is one of the most common materials-handling solutions and is used in virtually every type of business and even in residential homes. From storing parts, such as those in an automotive shop or a tool room, to storing plates and linens in a restaurant to storing company files and documents, wire shelving is everywhere.
The S. W. Betz Company offers wire shelving with a number of different dimensions, capacities, and finishes. The type of finish can be important if you are in a medical/pharmaceutical or a wash-down area or need an anti-rust finish. Finishes available include chrome, black epoxy, galvanized, stainless steel, and others. One of the main advantages of wire shelving is that it is highly customizable, and the shelves can even be adjusted to make the spaces larger or smaller. Some of the different wire shelving that is available is listed below.

  • Wire Louvered Panels – Hanging wire shelving system
  • Black Wire Shelving – Black finish
  • Chrome Wire Shelving
  • Adjustable Wire Shelving
  • Stainless Steel Wire Shelving
  • Solid Shelf Wire Shelving
  • Modular Stacking Baskets
  • Slanted Wire Shelving
  • Partition Wall Systems
  • Cantilever Wall Mount Systems
  • Portable Wire Carts – Available with a number of different types of casters
  • Portable Wire Shelving Systems – Available with a number of different types of casters
  • High-Density Sliding Track System – Allows for maximum storage

The S. W. Betz Company is a distributor for some of the top wire shelving manufacturers in the industry, including Quantum Storage Systems, and Nexel Industries, Inc.